Smart Import

The smart import feature allows you to match the product you have in common with your competitors semi-automatically.

Before reading this guide, please make sure that you have imported all your product catalog inside PricingBot. 

You can follow this guide: Importing your own products

How to use Smart Import?

First, you will need to go to the smart import page: 

On this page, you will be asked for a competitor URL. Then our bot will scan your competitors' website and filter the best possible candidate to match with each of your own products. 

This operation can take several hours, you will be informed by email once the scan is completed. 

Smart import will only match up to 1000 products, contact us if you have more than 1000 products !

Once it's done, a button will appear on your smart import, asking you to check the results: 

Once you click on the button, you will need to validate or discard each candidate. 

Here is an example of a valid match: 

Each time you click on the "Same product" button, the two product are matched and the competitor URL is added to the competitor's product list and will be monitored by PricingBot.