Self-serve product matching

Before reading this guide, please make sure that you have imported all your product catalog inside PricingBot. 

You can follow this guide: Importing your own products

Now that you have imported your own products, it’s time to add some competitors. For each product you have, you can add many competitors with different methods:

Modal on a product detail

When you are on a product detail, you can easily add a competitor by clicking the “Add competitors” button, and fill the popup with your competitor product URL.

Once you have submitted your competitor's product, our crawler will extract the product information within 10-30 seconds. 

Browser extension (Chrome only)

It is by far the easiest way to add a competitor’s product in PricingBot. The PricingBot extension is a small button you can install in your internet browser here (Only available for Chrome at the moment). 

It is as easy as it can get, you just have to click on the install button.

Once installed, a new button will have appeared next to your URL bar in Chrome, it should look like this:

And that’s it, now all you have to do is go on a competitor’s product page and click on the magic button. You will see this once the button is clicked:

Select your product, the one your competitor compete with in the input, click on “Save this competitor product” and that’s it. This competitor’s product is now tracked and linked with your own product and you can, of course, see it in your PricingBot account.

The browser extension is the perfect solution to continuously update your competitor’s product list while browsing on the web. You are now only one mouse-click away of never again forgetting what are your competitor’s product and information.